My First App Deployed

After the Habor/docker troubleshooting, I finally figured out how to make a python web app push to my k8s ingress.

The first part, I created a hello world flask app, built a docker image, tagged the image, then pushed the image to harbor registry.

Once the image is in harbor, I created a deployment and a service to default namespace.

Since this deployment will be my web layer, I want to expose it through ingress with TLS. In my home lab, I setup a DNS name ‘ingress.home.lab’ with IP ‘’. I used cert-manager to issue a server certificate as secret for this DNS name. The following is how I setup nginx-ingress with cert-manager.

Then go to the browser and connect to my ingress:

I feel great that I have a very basic pipe line working. Many of those steps can be automated. From developer’s point of view, I should focus on writing new feature and using git to push my codes to Github or Gitlab. Let CI/CD pick up my code merge and build/tag/push the new image. From there, I can start exploring service mesh with different deployment patterns. Stay tuned.



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Yuwei Sung

Yuwei Sung

A data nerd started from data center field engineer to cloud database reliability engineer.